Carpet Bindings

Border ribbons for carpets

For manufacturers of made-to measure carpets we produce braided and twisted cords, fringes, edgings and woven borders according to the proposals of our designers or according to your wishes.

Whereas a premium quality carpet decades ago was a prominent display of social standing and status, in recent years carpets were not so much in favor of the consumer at all. Residential design in its entirety was marked by simplicity and modern, lean design elements. Carpets or textile floorings did not fit in with the customers perception of a fine living at home. However, change is around and happening. Carpets nowadays add a warm and cozy feel to living at home again and customers appreciate the fact that a carpet can discernibly improve acoustics at home. The market for made to measure carpets is growing again. Such a carpet can be notably refined with a cord or woven tape edging or binding. Recently fringes have been in demand again, these can be cut or twisted. Naturally, the design of all these trims has moved forward to be in line with consumer preferences and taste. Carpet bindings and edgings are en vogue again. Our production possibilities are limitless and allow for the creation of all your design ideas.

Our Services

  • Customized production according to your ideas
  • Development of samples together with our customers

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