Trimmings, Braids and Edgings for Indoor and Outdoor Furniture

Trimmings for upholstered furniture and garden furniture cushions

For indoor and outdoor furniture needs we produce twisted and braided cords, fringes and woven or embroidered borders suggested by our designers or on your specifications.

In the past decades the product lines of most European furniture makers were characterized by a clean, contemporary look with at most little or absolutely no embellishments. Whereas leather was undoubtedly the preferred choice in the past customers increasingly demand new and exciting fabrics with a fresh appearance, different haptics, fabrics to create a more atmospheric, cozy feel. Cord with lips, pipings, cut fringes, also known as rouches, or braids offer themselves as a finishing, notable touch. Manufacturers in the premium segment now have the important opportunity to more clearly differentiate themselves from their competition. They can add substance to their products in order for those to be unequivocally recognized and demanded for by the customer.

The use of new, weatherproof yarns, specifically developed for outdoor use, has resulted in a paradigm shift in outdoor furniture. Whereas outdoor furniture was in the past of predominantly functional and lean, modern design, it can now be created with the homely, comfortable feel of textiles. For instance, woven borders, braids or cords can be woven or combined to cover outdoor furniture in a fresh, appealing look, cushions can be enhanced by weatherproof cut fringes or cords.

Due to the extensive variety of our textile technologies there are practically no boundaries to your visions and ideas. Cords, for instance, can be produced in all diameters, fringes in all densities and lengths.

According to design, material and color, many of your wishes can be materialized with minimums starting as low as 100 m.

Our Services

  • Customized production according to your ideas
  • Development and production of samples together with our customers

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