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Gerster Finest Trimmings Our Production

Gerster’s production capacity spans an immensely wide range of production techniques, such as twisting, braiding, weaving, embroidery and crocheting. The diversity and sheer number of production machines focused on the production of textile trimmings is unique and unmatched in Europe. The diversity in machines, skilled personnel and more than 100 years of solid experience since the company foundation in 1882 enable us to fulfill each and everyone of your wishes. Special production runs can already take place for small minimums of 100 to 200 meters, similarly large production runs in short time can be operated easily. Our experienced subsidiary in Poland strengthens our position to carry out any manual production steps when necessary at low, economical cost in little time.


Our global customers appreciate our focus on constant, reliable quality, service and fast lead times. Some of our renowned customers are industrial users in the furniture and carpet production, manufacturers of cushions, bedcovers, quilts as wells as editors and wholesalers.

We offer our customers the possibilities to manufacture in a variety of materials, designs, looks, colors or technical specifications. Matching products or complete ranges as displayed by the most noted editors worldwide (border tapes, braids, crochet borders, cut or twisted fringes, cords with or without lip and accompanying tiebacks and tassels) can be designed, produced and delivered in constant, reliable quality. Whatever your wish or vision might be, we already work closely and successfully with the designers of our customers worldwide or we can offer our very own design service.

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